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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery

Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery

Within it's walls are the remains of 2,260 Confederate soldiers; all but 31 reportedly died while held at the neighboring Camp Chase Confederate Prisoner Camp.

It is said, a melancholy ghost haunts the rows at Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery. Her name, according to some, is Louisiana Rainsburgh Briggs, but she's better known as the Lady in Grey. She weeps quietly over the grave of one Benjamin F. Allen, a private in the 50th Tennessee Regiment, Company D. Allen's grave is number 233 out of 2,260 Confederate soldiers laid to rest in this two-acre plot in the capital city of a very Northern state.

This hallowed was at one time cared for by The UDC. It is now in the hands of yankee charity....I Ask, Where are these Ladies Now?...PoP

Decking Southern Soldiers' Graves
by A.W. Slayback

Beautiful feet, with maidenly tread,
Offerings bring to the gallant dead.
Footsteps light press the sacred sod
Of heroes untimely ascended to God.
Bring spring flowers! in fragrant perfume
And offer sweet prayers for a merciful doom.

Beautiful hands! ye deck the graves,
Above the dust of the Southern braves.
Here was extinguished their manly fire,
Who scorned to flinch from the foeman's ire.
Bring spring flowers! the laurel and rose,
And deck ye the graves where your friends repose.

Beautiful eyes! the tears ye shed
Are brighter than diamonds to those who bled;
Spurned is the cause they fell to save,
But "little they'll reck," if ye honor the brave.
Bring spring flowers! with tears and praise,
And chant o'er their tombs your grateful lays.

Beautiful lips! ye trembled now,
Memory wakens the sleeping one's vow;
Mute are the lips and faded the forms,
That never knelt, save to God and your charms.
Bring spring flowers! all dewy with morn,
And think how they loved ye, whose graves ye adorn.

Beautiful hearts! of matron and maid,
Faithful were ye, when Apostles betrayed!
Here are your loved and cherished ones laid,
Peace to their ashes, the flowers ye strew
Are monuments worthy the faithful and true.
Bring spring flowers! perfume their sod,
With annual incense to glory and God.
I Ask, Where are these Ladies Now?

West Virginia Treasures

Lewisburg ( Greenbrier Co. ) West Virginia

Stonewall Jackson - Clarksburg, West Virginia ( Gen. Jackson's birthplace )

Monroe County, West Virginia

Gen. John McCausland's Home - Putnam Co. West Virginia

Jackson's Mill - Clarksburg, West Virginia
( boyhood home of Gen. Jackson )

The Confederate Memorial in Indian Mound Cemetery at Romney, West Virginia is considered the first official memorial to Confederate dead to be erected anywhere in the United States of America. In the early Spring of 1866, citizens of Hampshire County decided to form an association to honor the Confederate dead. Eventually they adopted a formal organization and on June 1, 1866 held the first ceremony to honor the Confederate graves in Indian Mound Cemetery. Later, they ordered a monument listing the names of all county citizens who died in the American Civil War. The monument was formally dedicated on September 26, 1867.

A little known fact about the Confederate Memorial is that it had to be brought in secretly. Shortly after the Civil War, Federal law prevented any monuments being made that would honor the Confederate States of America. The monument was brought into the county at night and then had its commemorative words chiseled in on location, so as to avoid the possibility of being seized in transit from where it was created.

Each year Confederate Memorial Day in Hampshire County recalls the sacrifice and suffering of men and women on both sides of the war....Indian Mound Cemetery at Romney, West Virginia

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Monday, May 29, 2006

Stonewall's grave

Stonewall's grave, Lexington, VA (front and side views)

Submitted by Kathy
Sowder, Chesapeake, VA
No further details.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My Hometown of Chester,South Carolina

"Chester,South Carolina" Confederate Monument on top of hill in Chester.

Cannon found while digging at a Church a few years back. Believe to be buried at the time Sherman was on his march through South Carolina and after burning Columbia,and heading toward Chester which is about 45 miles from Columbia. The Confederate Soldiers in Chester buried the 4 Cannons to keep the Yankee from getting them.

Cecil and Judy

Monday, May 22, 2006

More Treasures of NC.

More Treasures of NC.

Jeb Stuart and Confederate soldiers monument of Patrick County, Virginia in front of the courthouse in Stuart,Va.

Confederate Monument to Soldiers of Pittsylvania County in Chatham,Virginia. I grew up in Virginia and this is the county.

Confederate Monument to Brunswick County Soldiers in Lawrenceville,Virginia. My ancestors served from this county.

My Great,Great Grand daddy and his wife. They are buried in a private cemetary in Ebony,Va. His company was the 21st Virginia Infantry Co.G Brunswick County,Va.

Photos and comments:
Larry Lee Spence
Eden, NC.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Woodlawn Cemetery in West Palm Beach, Fla

This was what we displayed on the flagpole display at the official centalised flagpole at the . on 30 April 2006, to commemorate our Confederate Memorial Day ceremonies.

Thanks to,
Jimmy L. Shirley Jr. & crew!

Anderson Cemetery, Ringgold, Georgia

Established in 1840 for the Anderson family, slaves and friends.

Many of Ringgold's patriots are buried here.


Confederate statue in Hinton WV

Confederate statue in Hinton WV which was Greenbrier County during the war. Many men from this county fought for the South

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Willow Dale Cemetery Goldsboro, NC

Confederate Monument in Willow Dale Cemetery in Goldsboro, NC erected by the original Goldsboro Rifles veterans, Co. A, 27th NC Inf. Reg. The tablets were added in 2003 by the Goldsboro Rifles Camp 760 SCV and list some six hundred names of soldiers who died in and around Goldsboro. The mound that supports the statue is a mass grave entombing the remains of eight hundred deceased Confederate soldiers that were gathered from around the area during the years after the war... MORE HERE


Jon White's favorite



Albemarle County

University of Virginia Confederate Cemetery

Virginia Military Institute

My favorite Confederate city and county monuments from Virginia.


Jon White

Lt. General A.P. Stewart

Lt. General A.P. Stewart, Erected 1918
And my better half of 39 years, 1/2 Pint
Hamilton County Courthouse, TN.