Legacies: November 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007

Confederate Monument, Liberty, Mississippi

Erected in 1871. It is in Liberty, Mississippi, which is the county seat of Amite County. It was erected to all who died in the War of Northern Agression from Amite County.

Amite County, one of the oldest counties in Mississippi, sent one thousand of her noblest sons to the Confederate Army. In honor of them stands in the town of Liberty a Confederate monument with the names of three hundred and fifty boys who, with unfaltering courage and devotion amid the shock of battle, went to their unmarked graves with songs of their country on their lips. No names shine with more resplendent luster upon pages of American history than those written across the sides of this weather beaten slab. The devotion that is felt for this monument is characteristic of a people who have always been true to every cause to which they showed allegiance, not because of its sculptural workmanship, but because it is a stone of memory erected by loving hands under trying circumstances. It was built in 1871 during the regime of the carpetbag and scalawag. ~ Confederate Veteran, 1911

Allen Terrell

Friday, November 16, 2007

Monument from Isle of Wight County

Confederate Monument from Isle of
Wight County.

The flag to the left is the Isle of Wight County flag. To the right is
the Commonwealth of Virginia flag. The flag of the United States of
America is a third flag that is blocked by the monument itself.

This county is adjacent to Southampton County,
Southampton County having been carved from the original Isle of Wight
County land grant. Isle of Wight County is adjacent to Sussex County,
and directly across the James River from Jamestown. Isle of Wight
County was settled very early in the history of our country.


Southampton County, VA

Monument to the Confederate dead from
Southampton County, VA, the county seat of which is Courtland.
Courtland is also infamous for the Nat Turner Slave Rebellion of 1831.