Legacies: June 2008

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Confederate Monument - Palatka, Florida

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Adam Joshua Crosby and his wife

This is my Great Great Grandfather...
Adam Joshua Crosby and his wife, my G. G. Grandmother 'Miss Lucy'

Here is the church he and his brother and family built in legacy to a brother who died in Richmond.. Peter.
Paul survived with Adam.

We placed this stone in a memorial service in 1999. It was my Daddy's last wish that a stone be placed beside his brother's Adam and Paul. Peter succumbed (sp) to pneumonia in Richmond and is buried in Oakwood. The Moultrie SCV camp officiated.

with Peter beside him...apparantly Adam and his one brother Paul, lived near each other, and they felt awful bad that Peter was killed. Their Daddy.. Paul senior lived closer to Adel, and there is a a whole slew of the boys buried over there...many of them were in different regiments.
(there were a 'few' Pauls...) Paul # 3 is buried here behind the church in the Crosby section.

This graveyard has many Cooper's , Crosby's and Culpepper's

This was my Great Aunt Lucille Murphy's story she submitted ~ Owen Crosby

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sacred Ground

"The Seven Blackbirds" Brock Townsend's great grandfather and his six great uncles.

The Cullen/Pippen Home

Cullen/Pippen "Brock's" Home

Mosby's Tombstone

Brock's daughters Christine & Bonnie at Mosby's Tombstone

HK at Brock Townsend's, Great Grandfather's Monument

Asheville resident H.K. Edgerton (seated), chairman of the Southern Legal Resource Center, Inc. board of directors, prepares to begin a 160 mile march to Richmond, Va. on Monday morning as members of two Sons of Confederate Veterans camps provide support. Standing, from the left, are Oliver Wells of the Old Brunswick Camp; Tommy Ferguson of the Old Brunswick Camp; Tracy Clary, commander of the Old Brunswick Camp; Doug Winn of the Old Brunswick Camp; Van Wright, 1st Lt. Commander of the Old Brunswick Camp; and Fred Taylor of the Tom Smith Camp of Suffolk, Va. (who has family members living in Warren County). Edgerton hopes to increase awareness about the history of the south.

Ft. Meade Florida

In memorial of Stonewall Jackson
Erected By Gen. E. M. Law, Camp SCV

Historical maker near-by.

Compliments of,
Owen Crosby "csason"

Confederate Monument, High Point NC