Legacies: August 2010

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Confederate Dead monument Texas State Capitol


Died For State Rights Guaranteed under the Constitution The people of the South, animated by the spirit of 1776, to preserve their rights, withdrew from the Federal compact in 1861.The North resorted to coercion.

The South, against overwhelming numbers and resources, fought until exhausted.

During the war, there were twenty two hundred and fifty seven engagements;

In eighteen hundred and eighty two of these, at least one Texas regiment took part.

Number of men enlisted:
Confederate Armies, 680,000; Federal Armies, 2,859,132,
Losses from all causes:
Confederate, 437,000; Federal, 486,216

Confederate Monument Perryville (Boyle County)

Caption: Confederate Memorial
Additional Description: Confederate Monument Perryville State Historic Site (Boyle County) Limestone figure on pedestal, 1902 Front (South) Inscription: Nor braver bled for a brighter land, no brighter land had a cause so grand. Confederate Memorial East Inscription: (Names of 23 men killed) On flames eternal camping ground, their tents are spread, and glory guards with solemn round -- the bivouac of the dead. Rear (North) Inscription: Erected by the State of Kentucky Commissioners: R. J. Breckinridge, B. O. Rodes, S. D. Van Pelt Architects & Builders Peter-Burghard, St. Co., Louisville -- Nor shall your glory be forgot -- while fame her record keeps -- or honor points the hallowed spot – where valor proudly sleeps. West Inscription: (Names of 14 men killed and a note that 470 unknown soldiers are also buried there) Nor wreck, nor change, or winters blight -- nor times remorseless doom shall dim one ray of holy light, that gilds your glorious tomb.

Confederate Monument Perryville, KY. Goodknight Farmhouse

Inscription: Erected by the United States to Mark the Burial Place of an Unascertained Number of Confederate Soldiers Said to Have Died While Prisoners of War at the Goodknight Farmhouse from Wounds Received at the Battle of Perryville, October 8, 1862 Whose Graves Cannot Now Be Identified and Whose Names Are Unknown.

This simple, seven-foot headstone is ornamented with the inscription and a decorative cap with a scalloped design. It was probably erected in 1928. at what is now